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    References UNFF

    Reference                           Name 
    UNFF-001 Altyn-Emel National Park
    UNFF-002 Bayanaul National Park
    UNFF-003 Burabay National Park
    UNFF-004 Charyn National Park
    UNFF-005 Ile-Alatau National Park
    UNFF-006 Katon-Karagay National Park
    UNFF-007 State national natural Park «Kokshetau» 
    UNFF-008 Kulsai National Park
    UNFF-009 Sayram-Ugam National Park
    UNFF-010  Aksu-Zhabagly Nature Reserve
    UNFF-011 The state national natural Park "Akzhaylyau"
    UNFF-012 Alakol state nature reserve
    UNFF-013 Barsa-Kelmes Nature Reserve
    UNFF-014 Buyratau State National Nature Park
    UNFF-015 Karatau Nature Reserve
    UNFF-016 Karkaraly National Park
    UNFF-017 Korgalzhyn State Nature Reserve
    UNFF-018 Markakol state natural reserve
    UNFF-019 "Merke-Zhaisan" state national natural Park
    UNFF-020 Naurzum State Nature Reserve
    UNFF-021 Tarbagatai state natural reserve
    UNFF-022 Ust'urskij State Nature Reserve
    UNFF-023 West-Altai state nature reserve
    UNFF-024 Zhongar-Alatau state national natural Park
    UNFF-025 Almaty state natural reserve
    UNFF-026 State nature reserve "Akzhayik "
    UNFF-027 State forest natural reserve "Ertis ormany"
    UNFF-028 Irgiz-Turgay state nature reserve
    UNFF-029 State forest natural reserve "Semey Ormany"
    UNFF-030 state regional natural Park «Medeu»
    UNFF-031 Lepsinskiy state nature reserve
    UNFF-032 Toktinskiy state nature reserve
    UNFF-033 Kukanskiy state reserve
    UNFF-034 Verkhnekoksuyskiy state natural reserve (Zoological)
    UNFF-035 Pribalkhash state nature reserve (integrated)
    UNFF-036 Karoyskiy state reserve
    UNFF-037 Almaty state nature reserve
    UNFF-038 "The Charynsky ashen forest dacha" National nature monument
    UNFF-039 "Chiturgenckiy spruce" National nature monument
    UNFF-040 "Singing barkhan"National nature monument
    UNFF-041 "Ili Botanical garden" National nature monument
    UNFF-042 "Baum grove" National nature monument
    UNFF-043 "The main Botanical garden". National nature monument
    UNFF-044 Kuludhzinskiy state natural reserve
    UNFF-045 State Botanical reserve "Karatal Sands"
    UNFF-046 State natural reserve «Nizhne-Turgusunskiy» (Botanical)
    UNFF-047 Altay Botanical garden
    UNFF-048 Nature monument "Sinegore fir grove"
    UNFF-049 State natural reserve "Kyzyltau (Zoological)
    UNFF-050 State natural reserve "Irtysh river Floodplain"
    UNFF-051 State nature monument "Goose flight"
    UNFF-052 Mamlyutsskiy state natural reserve
    UNFF-053 Smirnovsky state natural reserve
    UNFF-054 Sorgovskiy state natural reserve
    UNFF-055 Orlinogorskiy biological reserve
    UNFF-056 "Zhanazhol forest" nature monument
    UNFF-057 "Silver forest" nature monument
    UNFF-058 "Pine forest" nature monument
    UNFF-059 Sopka "Eagle mountain" and "Spring key" nature monument
    UNFF-060 Island lake "Imantau" State nature monument
    UNFF-061 Sopka lake "Imantau" State nature monument
    UNFF-062 Sopka "Review" State nature monument
    UNFF-063 Rock deposits "Bowler" State nature monument
    UNFF-064 "Relic array" State nature monument
    UNFF-065 "Acute Sopka" State nature monument
    UNFF-066 "Two brothers" State nature monument
    UNFF-067 "Waterfall with the cave" State nature monument
    UNFF-068 The "splitting of the Sopka" State nature monument
    UNFF-069 The Korgalzhinsky state natural reserve
    UNFF-070 Acute Sopka "Helmet" - National nature monument
    UNFF-071 "Green Mys" - National nature monument
    UNFF-072 "Pond with relic plants" - National nature monument
    UNFF-073 "Smolnaya Sopka' - National nature monument
    UNFF-074 Sopka "Strekach" -National nature monument
    UNFF-075 "Crimson Mys" - National nature monument
    UNFF-076 "Galochya Sopka - State nature monument
    UNFF-077 Sopka "Fire" - National nature monument
    UNFF-078 Karkaraly National Park
    UNFF-079 Belodymovsliy state natural reserve
    UNFF-080 Belagashskiy state natural reserve
    UNFF-081 Kuvskiy state natural reserve
    UNFF-082 Bektauatinskiy state reserve
    UNFF-083 Karaagashskiy state natural reserve (Zoological)
    UNFF-084 Ulytauskiy state natural reserve
    UNFF-085 State natural reserve "Beldeutas" (Zoological)
    UNFF-086 Turangovyi state Botanical nature reserve
    UNFF-087 Kogashikskiy state natural reserve
    UNFF-088 Zhezkazgan Botanical garden
    UNFF-089 Mikhailovsky state natural reserve (Zoological)
    UNFF-090 Tounsorskiy state natural reserve (Zoological)
    UNFF-091 Sarykopinskiy state natural reserve (Zoological)
    UNFF-092 Zharsor-Urkashkiy state natural reserve
    UNFF-093 Turgay state nature reserve
    UNFF-094 Budarinskiy state reserve
    UNFF-095 Zhaltyrkulskiy state natural reserve (Zoological)
    UNFF-096 Kirsanov state nature reserve 
    UNFF-097 Novinsky state natural reserve
    UNFF-098 the state strictly protected zone in the Northern part of the Caspian sea
    UNFF-099 Aktau-buzachinskiy state natural reserve (Zoological)
    UNFF-100 Karaki-Karakol state natural reserve (Zoological)
    UNFF-101 Kendirli-Kayasanskaya state wilderness protection zone
    UNFF-102 Mangyshlakskiy experimental Botanical garden
    UNFF-103 Torangylsayskiy state natural reserve (Zoological)
    UNFF-104 Akdalinskiy Botanical reserve
    UNFF-105 Zhambyl  state natural reserve
    UNFF-106 Zadarinskiy state natural reserve
    UNFF-107 Boraldayskiy state natural reserve
    UNFF-108 Timurskiy biological reserve
    UNFF-109 Arys-Karaktau State Reserved Zone
    UNFF-110 South-Kazakhstan state wilderness protection zone
    UNFF-111 State natural Botanical reserve "Urochishche Karakunuz"
    UNFF-112 Zhasandalin state wilderness protection zone
    UNFF-113 Andasay State Natural Reserve