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    UNM award


    (Worked with mountain references of the Republic of Kazakhstan)

    The diploma of the W-UNM-A is given for QSO/SWL with the radio stations working from mountain areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which are located at a height of not less than 500 meters above sea level.
    Valid QSO's from 2010.
    Conditions of reception of the diploma for the Amateur hunters and observers (SWL)

    For a diploma must hold a QSO with mountain radio-expeditions or stationary stations working from mountain areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan, giving in carrying out of the radio room on the program of the UNM. (For example, UNM-021)

    1.  third class, it is necessary to hams spend not less than 3 QSOs with different numbers of reference UNM,

    2.  second class, it is necessary to hams spend not less than 5 QSOs with different numbers of reference UNM,

    3.  first class, it is necessary to hams spend not less than 10 QSO with different numbers of reference UNM,

    4.  extra-class, it is necessary to hams spend not less than 15 QSOs with different numbers of reference UNM,

    5.  award "Hunter Honour Roll”, it is necessary to hams to spend more than 15 QSOs with different numbers of reference UNM,

    Observers (SWL) conditions similar.

    Each reference shall be counted for the award only once.

    Manager diploma program: Arthur Zakrzevskiy UN6QC

    Diplomas are issued in two variants:

    1. Paper option.

    Prepared the application on paper and on the basis of an extract from the hardware log, should be sent to the postal or email diploma of Manager. All of the amounts to pay the postage and the diploma of the pre-agreed with the Manager of the diploma.

    2. The electronic version -FREE.

    At the request of the applicant, the diplomas are issued in electronic form in a file, which is formed in the electronic center of the degree of managers of Kazakhstan. (MAC). When receiving an application Manager confirms its notification of its receipt. After final inspection and processing, the Manager sends the applicant a notification of the registration of the diploma and sends the link for possible download the special quality of the electronic file in PDF format for self-fingerprints of the applicant. 

    The diploma is issued only once. For operators of collective radio station of the diploma is issued only on the personal Callsign. Allowed extract diploma for the collective radio station and to the operator who carried out the radio at the same time, according to separate applications.

    3. The Award "Honour Roll”
    "Hunter Honour Roll” ,"Activator Honour Roll” - the award is paid .Form and the amount of payment specified in Manager diploma program. 

    The coordinators of the mining Committee of the centre "MAC"Kazakhstan

    1. UN7GIT Victor Milyakov
    2. UN6QC Arthur Zakrzevskiy Award Manager UNM
    3. UN6GAO Sergey Roshchupkin

    List of references the mountainous Republic of Kazakhstan diploma program
    Mountains and Highlands over 1000 meters above sea level

    UNM # Name (ENG) The Coordinates Altitude
    UNM-001 Khan Tengri  42°12'39N  80°10'31E  7010
    UNM-002 Ulytau  48°38'38N  66°56'42E  1131
    UNM-003 Koklasai gorge  43°06'55N  76°47'05E  1642
    UNM-004 Mramornyi pass  48°29'59N  85°53'15E  1390
    UNM-005 Kazygurt-Sacred mound  41°59'58N  69°28'22E  1010
    UNM-006 Karatau range  42°52'30N  70°39'02E  1610
    UNM-007 Zhebaglytau  42°24'20N  70°35'26E  1834
    UNM-008 Koktyube  43°14'02N  76°58'32E  1105
    UNM-009 Tourist peak  43°01'41N  76°57'08E  3954
    UNM-010 Chimbulak  43°07'43N  77°04'51E  2350
    UNM-011 Sem bratyev  49°22'38N  75°17'38E  1254
    UNM-012 Bektauata  47°26'10N  74°50'45E  1214
    UNM-013 Medeo  43°08'57N  77°03'04E  2280
    UNM-014 Golden man discovery spot  43°23'38N  77°23'18E 1005
    UNM-015 Degeras  43°14'41N  75°45'57E 1350
    UNM-016 Konysbai  48°30'53N  72°58'11E  1033
    UNM-017 Ortau  48°13'44N  72°17'39E  1068
    UNM-018 Borlytau  48°03'07N  72°28'51E  1115
    UNM-019 Kushoky  50°17'48N  73°26'33E  1021
    UNM-020 Semizbuty  50°12'04N  74°51'47E  1049
    UNM-021 Salo  49°25'11N  73°43'27E  1001
    UNM-022 Aigaitas  43°15'55N  80°30'54E  3339
    UNM-023 Bainazar  48°30'44N  73°41'43E  1053
    UNM-024 Akirek  48°13'02N  73°52'02E  1001
    UNM-025 Aksoran  48°25'25N  75°28'15E  1565
    UNM-026 Berkut  49°01'22N  73°02'48E  1184
    UNM-027 Kyzyltau  48°55'12N  73°45'40E  1082
    UNM-028 Kuu  49°49'50N  76°26'19E  1356
    UNM-029 Shankoz  49°27'02N  75°19'59E  1360
    UNM-030 Komsomolskiy peak  49°17'19N  75°25'50E  1403
    UNM-031 Zhosaly  48°17'32N  74°10'07E  1098
    UNM-032 Zhylandy  48°31'33N  74°46'37E  1155
    UNM-033 Dongal  49°12'17N  75°52'00E  1189
    UNM-034 Khankashty  49°13'43N  74°49'05E  1220
    UNM-035 Kosmuryn  49°07'50N  73°14'17E  1087
    UNM-036 Kara-Archisay gorge  42°54'04N  71°50'08E 1010
    UNM-037 Tian Shan Observatory  43°03'27N  76°58'17E  2700
    UNM-038 Assy-Turgen Observatory  43°13'31N 77°52'18E  2900
    UNM-039 Kulyash Bayseitovna peak  43°07'15N  77°06'44E 3500
    UNM-040 Talgar pass  43°06'57N  77°06'42E  3163
    UNM-041 Ketmen pass  43°19'43N  80°19'08E  3114
    UNM-042 Abay peak  43°06'04N  77°06'12E  3950
    UNM-043 Amangeldy peak  43°05'23N  77°05'47E  4010
    UNM-044 Chkalova peak  43°06'12N  77°07'37E  3839
    UNM-045 Shkolnik peak  43°06'26N  77°06'08E  3547
      Kazakh Smoll Hill up to 1000 m    
    UNM-SH Name (ENG) The Coordinates Altitude
    UNM-SH001 Myrzashoky  50°43'36N  75°28'41E 799
    UNM-SH002 Ilekty  53°14'03N  69°08'47E 502
    UNM-SH003 Lysaya  53°01'26N  70°25'01E 621
    UNM-SH004 Sinuha  53°04'46N  70°11'17E 947
    UNM-SH005 Zhaman  53°49'19N  68°31'57E 372
    UNM-SH006 Singin' dune  43°51'41N  78°34'12E  667